The Ballad of Flaumimmin Bourough and the Lopeslow Bry

Flaumimmin Bourough
and The Lopeslow Bry
crawled from the water’s edge.

Oh —there were tears and joyous joys,
and little things called talbies.
But where the prims were
no one knew.
And away, away they went.

But without the proper emulaunt
they could hardly fill the holes.
—And the holes were everywhere.  
   So they begged the rest to listen,
and adogendly they cried:

“Oh, hear the lin of Essielie,
the timbres fill the air!”
-But what avail are symphonies to those
who have no ears?

 Yes, it was then that they ran akimbo,
and away, away they went.
 So Flaumimmin Bourough and the Lopeslow Bry
-crawled from the water’s edge
to die!


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